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Well hello, and welcome you’re probably checking this page to find out what this site is about. I created this site as part of a project that would combine different topics, media, and social networks to create a new type of experience. It would take all the best parts of the Anime/Manga Fandom, Communities,  and Japanese Culture Syncing them as one in a loop that feeds off each other creating new experiences and interactions between the communities.

The goal is to connect all the different parts together as one and all the people with various interests within the community. I’ve seen so many different blogs, websites, video media, but they are usually focused on one or two particular topics. Not to mention a lot of the online communities separate themselves something I hope to change.

If a person wants to learn and experience a lot of the different things in the community they have to search from place to place. There is a lot of fun and interesting stuff to experience but it usually gets lost because people don’t know about it, or if there a newbie entering the community it can be intimidating to explore everything.

This website and the bigger project was also born from my desire to talk about things which I don’t see talked about in many areas. From things, I believe every anime, manga or  Japanese culture fan should know that will add to their experience. To things that go unnoticed or mentioned that are great but are in obscurity like certain anime, manga, video games, music artists, stores, websites, bloggers, Youtubers, and online forums and social communities. 

I also wanted to explore the power of different social media working together since each one allows for different creative experiences and interactions both for the content maker and the consumer. The website and project are also related to some career goals of mine and theories I want to test out that I believe can change interaction and experience within a group and industry dedicated to a particular subject or culture.

This website is the new Anime Manga Culture I had a different version in the past, but the old one was limited and I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do. Things that I wanted to implement to make the site better and in response to the people who visited and gave feedback. I have bigger plans for the site but first I need to bring you guys a lot of content. I will eventually bring more people onto the project and more features will be added to the site each day also including new topics.

If you would like to contact me you can reach me at AnimeMangaCulture25@gmail.com

Other Places You Can Find Me Online Links Down below

My Anime List Profile   

Here is where you can find the anime, manga, and light novels I’m currently watching or reading as well as the ones I have completed or have on hold. See something you like and want me to do a post or video on it let me know.

Anime Manga Culture Google Plus Social Media Page

  I will be doing some creative things and experiments and bringing content related to the project on this social media platform in the coming weeks and months.

 Anime Manga Culture Twitter  I will be active on here engaging with other people in the community its also a quick way to reach me. Will also have some creative stuff planned for this platform.

Anime Manga Culture Tumblr 

Will be doing creative stuff on this platform also in the coming weeks and months

Anime Manga Culture Youtube Channel   

I have big things planned for youtube and a lot of different videos I want to do. This will be a platform for some of my creative media endeavors.